The Year Continues!

The year begins and we feel full of ideas and goals and ambition. The year starts and you dive head first into those ideas, goals, and ambitions. As a business, we are not immune to this condition. So in like fashion, we came up with more ideas for the shop, more goals for this community, and a head full of steam of ambition. While some haven't come into fruition, a lot of them have. However, we plan on following through on all of them by the end of the year.

With that said, the shop is steadily increasing inventory. Since January 1st, we have acquired our first mainstream, mass produced, “recognizable” bicycle line, Fuji. They have been excellent in filling that entry to mid level road and mountain bicycle gap as well as a wide range of hybrids and kids bicycles, not to mention the VAST Fuji Track line: the street worthy Feather, the entry level Cro-Mo Fuji Track, the aluminum/carbon complete with Omnium cranks Fuji Track PRO, and the pro level full carbon Fuji Track ELITE sold as frame-set or complete. 

Another great acquisition for our track clientele is Affinity Cycles. Mostly known for their aggressive steel frame the Lo-Pro, they carry an almost underground reputation in the track bike game. Their popularity increased with their aluminum contribution to the track, the Kissena, and are now even more popular that they are offering completes as part of their core line. 

Besides stacking up on inventory, we are constantly updating the interior of the shop to make room for this stuff. We moved the world famous chalkboard wall display and turned it into a more versatile version of what we originally intended to use it for; an interactive track bicycle builder were the customer can change out parts on the wall to get a visual idea of what the finished bicycle will look like. Since we keep most of these parts in stock, its a pretty fun process once you get started. We will ask you questions about the kind of riding you will be doing, and suggest parts based on your answers. If you just want to floss, we can also build you a 12LB masterpiece.

And lastly, the main reason for this post is to give ourselves a little pat on the back for opening the door to our modest 750sq ft bicycle shop 3 years ago today. Its an amazing feeling to be embraced by this community considering we are up against big budget stores that could easily triple our size and inventory. We have made our mark on the Miami cycle scene by offering a unique and exclusive line of bicycles and components while providing world class customer service and labor in a small shop environment. We are proud of that fact, and humbled that we have been so well received. Our thanks could not be measures in miles or watts! Thank you for being great to us! We hope to continue to offer you the same and more for years to come.

In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures taken by Miami's own Stella Hernandez on our Grand Opening Day, June 22, 2013.


Diego Pinzon
Diego Pinzon